Our motto is “Great food, Excellent Service at Affordable prices.”

Our one of a kind gourmet sliders restaurant, Slides, features seasoned, fresh meat with in-store fresh baked buns. The seasoning sauce is a “secret” mix that will entice your taste buds with each and every bite. Our bread are baked fresh daily; our pickle are home-made. We take freshness to the extreme to put “Great” in our great food.

We are aware of your need for excellent customer service. Our associates are given customer service training to ensure your experience at Slides will be enjoyable. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your visit even after further attention from our staff, we encourage that you email us and prompt action will be taken. This will help our effort for our “Excellent” service.

We understand great food is not often available at reasonable prices. To help in our effort to bring you great food at an affordable price, we shop economically to maintain our food costs to offer you the “Affordable” menu.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. If you’ve enjoyed your experience at Slides, please let others know via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. We love to hear your suggestions so we can strive to be your restaurant of choice.